What Companies Profit From Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

Businesses That Profit From Hurricanes
Hurricanes cause more damage than any other natural disaster on the planet. Even with modern meteorologist’s ability to track them and predict them there is almost nothing that people can do to prevent the wide spread damage that they can cause in the city that they hit. Hurricane Katrina is a great example of the kind of damage that a hurricane can when it hits a big city.

Hurricanes can cost billions of dollars in the areas where they hit. The cost of damages is usually very high. But, it also cost billions to rebuild and recover from hurricanes as well. There are many companies around the country that lose tons of money as a result of damages caused by hurricanes. There are also companies everywhere that benefit from hurricane recovery as well. Here are some of the businesses that will benefit financially in the event of a hurricane.

• Tree limb removal companies – Trees are known to sustain major damage and get knocked down even in some minor thunderstorms. The effects of the lightning and fierce winds of a hurricane can be disastrous on trees. Tree and limb removal companies garner tons of business in the wake of a hurricane due to the large amount of trees that are damaged during a hurricane.
• Auto body companies – Many people spend hours preparing their home for the impending doom of a coming hurricane. But, there is not much that they can do to prevent the gale force winds and hail from having a disastrous effect on their cars. Auto body repair companies are often in high demand during the time after a hurricane.
• Hotel and Motels – Many homes become unlivable as a result of the damage caused by a hurricane. This means that the residents of these homes will need a place to stay while they are waiting on the insurance company to cut them a check for their home repairs and while they are waiting for the repairs to be completed. Hotels and motels in the area are often booked solid in the aftermath of a hurricane.
• Insurance companies – This is may come as a surprise to some. Many assume that insurance companies lose tons of money as a result of the claims that they must pay off due to damages. Insurance companies often benefit though because people reconsider what their needs are regarding home insurance and purchase new and improved policies to protect themselves in the event that another hurricane occurs in their area.

These are just some of the businesses that will benefit in the wake of a hurricane. Most of the businesses that benefit will those that are involved in the recovery process. If you live in a hurricane-prone area you may want to consider upping your insurance policy to cover yourself effectively in the event that a hurricane occurs.

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