Dealing with mold challenges in your home

Mold is not only unpleasant to look at; it can also become a hazard to your health, as well as the structural integrity of your home. Mold in the home can be avoided, and prevention is the best defense against this fungus. A hidden leak or even an extremely humid basement can speedily become a serious problem, and quite expensive.

Mold can come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, but any kind of mold in the home is not favorable. There is always going to be some mold in almost every home, as it is nearly impossible to get rid of the entirety of mold on a property. But, if you find that you have mold in your home, it is important to take action because the health of you and your family can be adversely affected.

In some cases, mold can even flare up asthma attacks and can cause respiratory issues in young children and older adults. The one sure-fire way to prevent mold is to make sure you live in a dry environment. Mold cannot grow and thrive without a constant source of moisture and organic materials to feed off of. This means that your drywall, paneling, or wooden support beams may be at risk if your home is prone to humidity.

One of the most common cases of mold invasion in a home is mold on the drywall. If the drywall becomes damp from a hidden leak or flood and you don’t remove the water, your drywall will more than likely spawn mold.

That is why it is important to always be on alert for sources of moisture that can easily be fixed. Whether you’re dealing with a leaky pipe, or even water in the basement, it would cost less to fix one of these damages rather than thousands in mold remediation costs.

When you’re trying to avoid mold in your home, it is important to not only remove the humidity, but to also remove the mold when you find it. One of the most important points to remember is that how you clean up the mold is vital to recovery for your home. Many homeowners are told that a little bit of bleach will do the trick, but that is not the case.

Bleach does not actually kill the mold, it only cleans the surface. Essentially, the microscopic spores will still have their roots in your home and will begin to produce once the source of moisture is present again. You can find mold removal products in your local home improvement store, but the best way to eliminate the fungus is by controlling the amount of humidity in your home.
One piece of equipment that many mold removal companies use is called a hygrometer, which is used by the professionals to determine the amount of humidity present in the home. If you place it in the basement, it can tell you how humid that area is, and if you need to adjust accordingly.
Basements, especially those in older homes, can be a breeding ground for mold spores because of the large amount of moisture coming in through the slab. The moisture enters through the slab because they were built before home construction companies started to use plastics or visqueen layers to control moisture infiltration.

The one last tip to prevent mold in your home is to use plastic containers for storage purposes, and to also keep your eye out for the areas that are more susceptible to mold growth, including: porches, garages, crawlspaces, basements, and bathroom areas.

If you smell a musty odor and find some discoloration on your walls or any of your personal items, you may have a mold issue.

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How to File an Insurance Claim After Water Damage

Whether you have sustained water damage due to a faulty water lining on your fridge or a leaking roof, your insurance company will be there to help when water damages your home, and your personal property. Here are some simple steps to help you file a water damage claim for your property:

First, you need to prevent any further damage from occurring. Take whatever steps you need to prevent any additional damage. An example would be a leaky or broken pipe. From there, you would turn off the water at the source. If you didn’t know where the source of the water leak was, you would turn off the water main.

Secondly, it is time to give your insurance agent or insurance company a call. It helps to have your policy number available to make the process easier. The agent will confirm the coverage you have, the deductible, what happened to your property, the damage that was done, and any damage to your personal belongings or contents. Each policy is different and coverage can vary depending upon the cause of the water damage. While storm damage is covered under a basic plan, water backing up from the sump pump usually is not covered unless you’ve purchased a water backup and sump pump plan.

As you talk with your agent, they will explain the claims process to you, and they will then assign an adjuster to meet with you at your property and begin a home assessment. This may be needed to conclude if the damages that were sustained were related to a recent event or if it has been on-going long term damage. After all is said and don’t, the agent will work with you to begin setting up a timeline for needed repairs.

From there, you should begin taking photos of the damages that have occurred on your property. Before you remove any of the standing water, you should take a couple of photos or record a video to send to your agent. By doing this, you are stating that this is a record of the damage and it will help move the claims process along. It is also advisable to share these photos with the adjuster when they arrive to your location.

If you will need the help of professionals but don’t know who to call, your insurance company can help you find a local contractor in your area. The contractors cost will generally be covered by your policy, minus the cost of the deductible. Make sure to keep any receipts for an emergency contractor’s clean up to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company.

An upside of using a professional contractor is that they can help determine the cause of the water damage and will help you understand what needs to be done to fix it. A contractor or a property appraiser doesn’t have the authority to determine your coverage, approve any payments, or begin repairs. Make sure that you don’t begin any large-scale structural repairs before initiating your claim and meeting with your adjuster.

Your insurance agent may ask you to complete an online log of your personal property that was lost due to water damage, as well as a statement outlining the damage of your home or business. You’ll need to provide them with the year, make, and model of any items that were severely damaged.

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What Companies Profit From Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

Businesses That Profit From Hurricanes
Hurricanes cause more damage than any other natural disaster on the planet. Even with modern meteorologist’s ability to track them and predict them there is almost nothing that people can do to prevent the wide spread damage that they can cause in the city that they hit. Hurricane Katrina is a great example of the kind of damage that a hurricane can when it hits a big city.

Hurricanes can cost billions of dollars in the areas where they hit. The cost of damages is usually very high. But, it also cost billions to rebuild and recover from hurricanes as well. There are many companies around the country that lose tons of money as a result of damages caused by hurricanes. There are also companies everywhere that benefit from hurricane recovery as well. Here are some of the businesses that will benefit financially in the event of a hurricane.

• Tree limb removal companies – Trees are known to sustain major damage and get knocked down even in some minor thunderstorms. The effects of the lightning and fierce winds of a hurricane can be disastrous on trees. Tree and limb removal companies garner tons of business in the wake of a hurricane due to the large amount of trees that are damaged during a hurricane.
• Auto body companies – Many people spend hours preparing their home for the impending doom of a coming hurricane. But, there is not much that they can do to prevent the gale force winds and hail from having a disastrous effect on their cars. Auto body repair companies are often in high demand during the time after a hurricane.
• Hotel and Motels – Many homes become unlivable as a result of the damage caused by a hurricane. This means that the residents of these homes will need a place to stay while they are waiting on the insurance company to cut them a check for their home repairs and while they are waiting for the repairs to be completed. Hotels and motels in the area are often booked solid in the aftermath of a hurricane.
• Insurance companies – This is may come as a surprise to some. Many assume that insurance companies lose tons of money as a result of the claims that they must pay off due to damages. Insurance companies often benefit though because people reconsider what their needs are regarding home insurance and purchase new and improved policies to protect themselves in the event that another hurricane occurs in their area.

These are just some of the businesses that will benefit in the wake of a hurricane. Most of the businesses that benefit will those that are involved in the recovery process. If you live in a hurricane-prone area you may want to consider upping your insurance policy to cover yourself effectively in the event that a hurricane occurs.

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Travelling during the Hurricane Season

The Hurricane Season is already underway having begun on June 1, 2012 and may continue till November 30. Though the NOAA have predicted a near normal season with 15 named storms 6 hurricanes and 3 of the Category 3 variety, we still cannot take our chances. One only has to come back to the devastating hurricanes that took place in the period 2004-05 to know how vulnerable Florida was under the impact of Hurricane Katrina.

The periods between August and October are known to experience high storm activity for the Atlantic Hurricane Season. At the same time, a hurricane season does not mind there will be a hurricane. If you have planned your vacations, here are some tips you can keep in mind in order to avoid being trapped in the tropical storm.

1. Check with your airline and hotel, resort about hurricane guarantee – Find out from your airline, cruise company, hotel and accommodation resort if they are able to offer you hurricane guarantee. This means that in case there is a tropical storm or hurricane and you wish to cancel your trip, you can get back the refund without incurring any additional charge. Make sure you get this in writing and maintain a copy.
2. Keep yourself informed about the development of a tropical storm through Internet, radio or newspaper. We live in the times of instant technology and access, so it is fair that we make maximum use of it because we will be able to change our plans in advance. If you are already at the destination and there is a hurricane or storm threat and you are asked to evacuate, do so.
3. Know the difference between hurricane watch and warnings – A watch means that conditions can become dangerous and the weather can turn bad, so it is better to be in the preparation mode. It does not signify an immediate threat. A ‘warning’ means a dangerous weather is going to be an immediate reality. In case of thunderstorms and flash floods, it means the event is happening. A hurricane warnings means to immediately evacuate or take shelter.
4. Check your travel insurance – Check if hurricane coverage is included in your travel insurance. Read the fine print and exclusions properly.
5. Be in contact with an out of state person – You can fill an out of state person with information about your whereabouts. You can also plan with your family members about the common place that you can meet, in case there is an emergency. Make sure that the fuel tank in your car is full. Make sure that you have enough cash on hand, ATMs and banks may be closed and this can put you in a disadvantageous position.
6. Necessities – Keep important, survival necessities and hygiene items with you. Keep an adequate supply of medications that can be useful to you or the ones who need them.

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Coming Soon Services For Gainesville Florida

gainesville service area

Restoration services To Gainesville and surrounding areas.

Help for flood disasters in Gainesville Florida arrive shortly. Website Coming Soon!

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